Introduction video

OneConnect introduction


General information

How to login?

Navigate to

And login with your OneCloud credentials or Microsoft 365 SSO authentication method.*

*Microsoft 365 Authentication will need to be enabled from OneCloud portal for users.

During the first login with Microsoft SSO, you will need to link the Microsoft account with OneCloud credentials.

How to install Desktop Application?

Navigate to Settings -> Desktop app -> Download and install app for your OS

How to set my headset as audio device for calls?

Navigate to Settings -> Audio -> Select your headset / speaker as audio device


There’s a limitation in the speaker & ring device configuration as Firefox audio is managed by the OS (Windows, MacOS, Unix) and not in the browser itself (like Google Chrome). Because of this limitation, OneConnect is unable to configure these 2 settings via the browser and they need to be configured from the OS itself.

What are the System prerequisites (OS & Browser)?

Please refer to the minimal requirements in below table:

Min VersionSupported
PCWindows 7 **Yes
MACOS X 10.11 El CapitanYes

Google Chrome90.0.4430Yes
FirefoxFirefox 74Yes
Chromium-based (Brave)
Microsoft Edge-No
Internet Explorer-No

** Windows 7 will not receive any update after 15 January 2023

All other platforms are not fully certified so you may encounter issues using them.

Security & Compliancy

Do I need to do specific Firewall configuration to be secure?

No, In theory you don’t need to adapt your standard configuration. OneConnect use standard protocol which are not dangerous.

If I have strict Firewall rules, which ports need to be opened ?

OneConnect is a web application and will need to connect the back-end. In case your organization has strict Firewall configuration, your IT will need to open some ports. See below the specification:

  • TCP 80 & 443
    • destination to & & &
  • UDP 
    • Media / Speech
    • network
    • port range 49152-65535


Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your computer or other device when you use OneConnect application. In the scope of OneConnect, we use only analytical cookies to ensure good functioning of the application. Analytical cookies allow to track visits and traffic so that we can measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and how visitors navigate through the website.