Frequently asked questions about the Setera OneCloud Softphone desktop application.

If you want to know how to install the Softphone application, see the instructions here:

How to install Setera Softphone Desktop App for Windows

How to install Setera Softphone Desktop App for MAC

If you are unable to log in to the Softphone application, you can view troubleshooting tips here:

I can't log in to the Setera Softphone app

You can also check out the tutorial video from here:

Topics in video

  1. Select Outbound Caller ID
  2. Changing Presence State + adding personal note
  3. Answering inbound call
  4. Launching externall app - number enquiry search for incoming call
  5. Blind transfer for the call
  6. Joining in Group Numbers
  7. Sending SMS - for internal and external users
  8. Reporting view - add on service for Sofphone
  9. Group Number log
  10. Group Number management and statistics

Some features shown in the video requires activation of add-on features or services that may not be available to you, depending your current subscription. If you are interested in any of the features shown in the video, please contact your Setera contact person or Customer Service +358201500800 or


1. I have forgotten my password, how can I log in?

You can create a new password for yourself here:  

enter your username in the field and you will receive an email with a Token to create a new password. If you do not know your username or the email does not reach you, please contact Setera Customer Service on +358201500800 or

2. How do I change a user who is logged in to the app?

Tools -> Options -> Logout-> Sign back in with a new user ID

3. How do I choose the number that will be shown for outbound calls?

You can select the number from the Caller ID menu

The numbers available depend on your organization's settings and the membership of the user group numbers

4. How do I select Presence State?

You can select a state by clicking on the current presence state

You can choose one of the existing shortcuts with automatic duration, or create your own from the "Edit shortcuts" section

You can also create a 1) Custom activity, for example if you want to stay on Vacation for 4 weeks, and set an automatic end date and time for presence state.

You can also set a 2) Future Presence, or make a recurring event from the menu "Future Presence" menu

Create a new event using the sign, give the event a name and time, select the desired Presence State for the event and duration and press save, and if it will recur, for example every week or month at the same time, select the recurrence from the Repeat dropdown menu.

5. How do I change the audio source where the sound comes from when I talk on the Softphone?

Tools -> Options -> Audio

You can choose your own settings for the Speaker and Headset profiles, for example, in Headset mode the sound comes from your headset, in Speaker mode the sound comes from your computer speakers. 

You can easily change the profile from the bottom left corner of Softphone, by clicking on the profile icon

6. How do I change the ringtone?

Tools -> Options -> Audio -> Ringtone menu at the bottom -> Choose

Select a ringtone in .wav format from your computer

Check recommended models from here: What Headsets are supported with OneCloud Softphone?

8. How do I add my own personal contact?

Tools -> Add Contact

Choose contact type

  • Favourite = The contact appears in your favourites list with your colleagues
  • Contact = Contact is hidden, but appears when searching and in the incoming call shows the contact's name

Enter the contact's first name + surname and other details if you wish

Add a number, in case of a mobile phone number select Mobile phone as type and enter the number with the country code and press OK

When you want to call or send an SMS message to a contact, you can search for the contact in the search field

  • To call a contact, press the handset picture on the right-hand side of the screen
  • To send an SMS message, press the SMS icon on the right-hand side of the screen

  • To edit the contact's details, click the down arrow next to the contact
  • To add a contact as a favourite in the contact list displayed, click on the star
  • To edit contact, click on the pen icon
  • To delete a contact, click on the trash icon