General instructions regarding communication between your device and Setera Onecloud servers in AWS Platform.

  • Disable SIP ALG from your firewall/router
    • This feature can also be found with these names
      • SIP-Inspection
      • SIP-Helper
  • Make sure that your devices can connect to external NTP servers
  • Make sure that your devices can connect to DNS server and they are able to resolve DNS records
  • If you are using mobile client with mvoip feature, please make sure that your firewall allows Android Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) or Apple push notifications:
  • Should you encounter connectivity issues with Setera Onecloud, please analyze your network logs and see if packets are being dropped from source

Traffic from You to Setera Onecloud

ProtocolTransportSourceSource Port
DestinationDestination PortUsed for
SIPTCPYour network1024-65535185.255.33.208/285061SIP Signalling
RTPUDPYour network1024-65535185.255.33.208/281024-65535Media / Speech
HTTPSTCPYour network1024-65535185.255.33.208/28443Service management (call logs, presence states, etc.)
HTTPTCPYour network1024-6553589.18.235.149/3280SIP phone firmware
HTTPSTCPYour network1024-6553589.18.235.149/32443SIP phone firmware
HTTPSTCPYour network1024-65535216.191.234.139443Mitel deskphone provisioning

Traffic from Setera Onecloud to You

ProtocolTransportSourceSource Port
DestinationDestination PortUsed for
SIPTCP185.255.33.208/281024-65535Your network5061SIP Signalling
RTPUDP185.255.33.208/2849152-65535Your networkcheck list belowMedia / Speech

  • RTP ports based on device types
    • Softphone range
      •  10000 - 20000
    • Mitel deskphone start port
      • 3000
    • Snom deskphone range
      • 49152 - 65534
    • Mitel SIP-dect start port
      • 16320