This page provides compatibility information for applications in the OneCloud solution. Compatibility information helps to determine which product versions work with each other. 

This section covers compatibility information for:

1. Setera Softphone

Compatible operating systems (with latest service pack/security update)

  • Windows 10
  • macOS: The 2 latest officially released versions (macOS 11 and 12) That is what we validate, while earlier versions still may work fine.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange (Outlook plugin)

  • MS Outlook 2016
  • MS Office 365

MS Outlook plugin integration applies to the Windows platform only. Not supported if installed as an app from the Microsoft Store.

Compatible headsets for Softphone

Setera Sofphone is verified to be compatible with a number of headsets, as listed below. The headset/Bluetooth dongle firmware shall be kept updated with the latest version released by the vendor. We recommend you to visit the vendor documentation regarding the compatibility information of their headsets.

  • Jabra Evolve 75 UC (Windows Only)
  • Jabra PRO 930 UC 1 (Windows Only)
  • Jabra PRO 9470 1 (Windows Only)
  • Poly / Plantronics Voyager series headsets
  • Sennheiser epos connect software (Please check Sennheiser epos connect documentation for further instructions)

The following functions are supported, as long as the headset itself supports it:

  • Answer
  • Hang up
  • Decline
  • Hold
  • Resume
  • Mute/unmute microphone


The compatible functions are limited to having only one headset connected and to 2-party calls. With more involved parties, e.g. having one party on hold while speaking to the other, the functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Premium Attendant view is only supported with Windows.

2. Setera OneConnect Webphone - Supported Browsers

Please refer to the minimal requirements in below table:

Min VersionSupported
PCWindows 7 **Yes
MACOS X 10.11 El CapitanYes

Google Chrome90.0.4430Yes
FirefoxFirefox 74Yes
Chromium-based (Brave)
Microsoft Edge-No
Internet Explorer-No

** Windows 7 will not receive any update after 15 January 2023

All other platforms are not fully certified so you may encounter issues using them.

3. Mobile Client for iOS / iPhone

  • iOS app is compatible with the two latest released iOS versions.

4. Mobile Client for Android

Due to the nature of Android phones being manufactured by many vendors, with variations in the integration of the OS, it is not possible to give a complete statement of which mobile phones are fully compatible.

Verified compatibility with the models listed below. 

Compatible operating systems

Android app is compatible with the three latest released Android versions.

Compatible phone models/families

  • Samsung Galaxy S10/S20
  • Sony Xperia XZ2/XZ3
  • Google Pixel 2/3/4

5. Deskphones

Mitel Phones

ModelFW Version
Mitel 68636.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 68656.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 68676.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 68696.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 68736.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 69056.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 69106.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 6920 (T) SP2-HF1
Mitel 6920w6.3.2.96 HF2
Mitel 6930 (L) (LT) SP2-HF1
Mitel 6920w6.3.2.96 HF2
Mitel 69406.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1
Mitel 6970 Conference Phone6.3.0.2038 SP2-HF1

Mitel Dect Phones

ModelFW Version
Basestation models RFP44/45/47/488.3 SP4
SIP DECT 612, 622, 632, 6508.3 SP4

Snom Phones

ModelFW Version
Snom D12010.1.54.24
Snom D31510.1.119.10
Snom D33510.1.119.10
Snom D34510.1.119.10
Snom D71310.1.119.10
Snom D71510.1.119.10
Snom D71710.1.119.10
Snom D73510.1.119.10
Snom D78510.1.119.10

Partner Alliance Devices

ModelFW Version
Poly VVX 250, 350, 4506.4.X
Yealink T42U, T43U, T46U66.86.0.X
Yealink T48U108.86.0.X
Yealink T53/T53W, T54W, T57W96.86.0.X
Yealink T58W150.86.0.X