What is Teams Presence sync for OneCloud?

Whenever you make a direct Teams call, or when you’re at a Teams meeting, the OneCloud system recognizes this and changes your OneCloud extension to line busy state, allowing your colleagues to see that you are speaking in the phone and they know not try to call you while you’re at the Teams meeting.

How does it work?

Your organization Microsoft Admin user will need to allow Setera application use your organization Microsoft Graph API to read user Presence state and then Setera application will sync it with OneCloud user's presence state.

More info about API:

Key Features 

  • See when Teams users are in a call or meeting from OneCloud device. 
  • OneCloud user availability will be changed according to Teams presence.

How to activate it?

Once you have agreed to take in use with your Setera contact person, your organization Microsoft Admin person should follow this process:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose "Register" from top right corner
  3. Fill your details and sign up, and tell your Setera contact person when you have created account, so Setera will confirm and activate your account.
  4. Once Setera has confirmed your account, you can login to portal
  5. Choose "Teams" under Settings and select Click here to sign and add users
  6. It will pop-up Microsoft login page with 2-factor-authentication, login there with your Teams tenant Admin account.
  7. It will ask you to allow access for Setera OneSync service for follow features:
  8. Allow access and confirm.
  9. You will get back to OneSync portal and confirmation how many users has been activated with this service. Then you can logout.

Why i need to allow Setera to access my Teams Presence / Active Directory data?

This will allow Setera platform to use your Teams Tenant Graph API to read your Teams users current presence state.

How to disallow Setera to read my Teams Presence / Active Directory data?

When you don't need this service anymore, you can just simply revoke Setera's API access to your Teams tenant / Active Directory by following this process:

1. Go to 

2. Under Azure services press Azure Active Directory

3. From the left side list find and press Enterprise applications

4. Find app with name "Onecloud presence sync" and open it

5. Under manage click Properties and then press Delete

6. Now you have disabled Setera access to your Active Directory