How to install?

1. Open Teams and navigate to Apps -> Built for your org -> Select "Setera" app 

(If you don't see Setera in here, your organization Teams admin must enable Setera app in Teams admin portal)


4. Login with your OneCloud credentials (or Microsoft SSO if enabled), to login in the App.

3. In the Settings Tab, you can configure your Presence Mapping with OneCloud.

For example, if you want that every time when you are active with Teams Meetings, you can select these settings to change your OneCloud presence state with "Teams Meeting" 

Please note: 
OneCloud presence states that is available to mapp with Teams presence in the menu, will list presence states that is available in your organization. If you wish to have a new presence state to mapped with Teams, please contact your Setera contact person or

If you want only to sync your Line State (Busy in a call) information between Teams <-> OneCloud, and you do not want to sync your Presence/Activity at all, you can leave these mapping configuration as empty. In that case, whenever you are on Teams call/meeting, you will show as busy in a call in OneCloud, or when you are busy in a call in OneCloud, you are "In a call" in Teams.

5. Key Features

Select Caller-ID

• This feature enables the user to select account caller-ID (number to present when dialling out) from the list of available options for that user.

• Besides fixed and mobile numbers the user can also select from any of available group number or anonymous.

• Caller-ID selected will be applied on account level and regardless of client used to dial from.

Select active role

• As an alternative for users not using the caller-ID function the role can be set to control the number to present when dialling out.


• Listen to voicemails from the PBX inbox.

• Delete voicemails.

• This function can be hidden for users using the Microsoft Cloud Voicemail.

Log in and out of groups

• Shows all groups user is member of.

• Log in or out directly without leaving Teams.

• Quickly see how many colleagues are logged in.

Send SMS

• This feature enables the user to send SMS to MS Outlook contacts or to manually entered numbers

• SMS will be sent via OneCloud.

• Access to Send SMS widget can be managed on user level

by admin.

ACD Supervisor view

• Shows all ACD groups supervisor is member of.

• Log in or out colleagues directly from groups without leaving Teams.

• Quickly see how many colleagues are logged in.

• Feature only available to ACD Supervisors.

Presence and Line State sync from Teams to OneCloud and from OneCloud to Teams

• Teams have statuses that can be set manually or by Teams based usage.

• With Presence Sync from Teams Connect app, statuses can be mapped to presence states in OneCloud platform.

• Finally, you can be busy on your phone while in a Teams meeting.

• Organization admin can set a default mapping for organization but users that set their own mapping can override admin default.

Line State sync from OneCloud to Teams

• Sync your OneCloud line state to Teams, when you are in call in OneCloud, it will change also your Teams status as “In a Call”