In this guide, we guide you trough how to install and configure Setera CRM Connector application for Windows.


1. Users will need to have Setera CRM-Connector license activated.

2. Organization will need to have a 3rd Party Webhook connector configured under organization settings, URL:

And make sure that you unselect "Remove options"

3. External API Authorization is configured in OneCloud organization (Admin Portal -> Services -> External API Authorization) for at least: Contact Search, User Info, Communication Log and Call Control.


Step 1: Download application installation package

Step 2: Install Application

  • Follow these steps:

Step 3: Configure Application and login with your OneCloud credentials

  • Open application from Windows System Tray (gray icon in the bottom right corner) by moving your mouse over it, and click from right button from mouse.

If you don't see the CRM-Communicator icon on the system tray You can pinpoint it from System Tray settings:

  • Open Configuration

  • Insert your Setera OneCloud user credentials in Telephony
  • Extension: OneCloud username, for example
  • Password: Your OneCloud username password

Step 4: Configure Dialling options for Outbound calls.

  • When you need to call outbound calls from your CRM-system or browser, you will need to install Add-on tool for your browser, which will recognize phone numbers and launch calls via Setera OneCloud device.
  • Select Dialling and click "Dialling handlers"

  • Download and install Extension tool for your browser, for example Google Chrome:

When you have installed it, you should see this Phone Icon next to phone number in browser.

When you click it, it will place an outbound call from your Setera OneCloud device:

  1. If you have Deskphone, it will place a call from Deskphone as priority 1. device.
  2. If you don't have Deskphone, it will place a call from Setera Softphone app.

Step 5: Configure Call Events options

  • You can choose what will happen, when call events are registered.

You can choose different options when call will be Ringing, On Answer or with Outbound calls.

  • Options:
    • No Action - Nothing will happen

    • Show Phone Window - it will pop-up a Preview window from contact

    • Show Contact - it will pop-up your browser and open this contact card from your CRM-System, for example from SalesForce. NOTE: you must be logged in to CRM-system to make it work.

    • Create phone activity - it will log a call activity / register call in to your CRM-System for customer contact card.