In order for Setera to solve Trouble Tickets most efficiently and effectively is it important that they contain valuable data.

Site Identity: -Site Contact person and number:-

Accurate description of the problem;

These details should ideally include:-

 Calls :

1. Incoming, outgoing, both way?

2. What number/s was/were called or calling?

3. Does it happen all the time?

4. When did/does it happen?

5. Incoming customers calls receive an announcement

-Please capture and include the details of the announcement-


1. What type of device has the problem?

Desk phone, DECT Cordless, Mobile App. or Softphone?

Is the device powered up?

2. How do I....? Before raising a Trouble Ticket, please check in the SeteraDesk Knowledge base (KB) to see if there is a guide/ manual which can assist.

Service status:

1. Calls are not forwarded to Client Services.

2. When will porting be completed?

3. When will the service go live?

4. Broadband speed if there are call quality issues